Felixstowe: Cyclist wants bike thief brought to justice

FELIXSTOWE: A chip shop worker today spoke of his delight after an Evening Star reader found his dumped electric bike and returned it to him.

Dave Cawdron was left furious after a thief stole his electric cycle – and left an old second-hand bike in its place.

Today he said he was thrilled to be reunited with his bike, but still wants the thief to be brought to justice.

“It’s great to have it back and I am absolutely delighted,” said father-of-two Mr Cawdron, 48, who lives with his wife Tina in Grange Road.

“It is my transport and very important to me.

“I was really upset when I came out of work and found it was gone.

“I still want the person who took it to be brought to justice because people shouldn’t go around stealing other people’s possessions like that – they should keep their hands off.

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“We have some very good CCTV footage, some excellent images of the bike being taken, and we hope the police will be able to use these to trace those who committed this crime and bring them to court.”

Mr Cawdron was at work at Bounty Fisheries in High Road West, Felixstowe, last Wednesday when the thief struck at 8.30pm, taking his Thomson Classic electric bike from the rear of the takeaway – in full view of a CCTV camera.

It was later found by staff at Bryan Clarke Carpenter and Joiner on the Bridge Road industrial estate.

“They thought it looked in good nick and didn’t know what to do about it and then one of the staff said he had read about me losing my bike in the Evening Star so they immediately contacted the police,” said Mr Cawdron.

Anyone with any information about the theft is asked to call Sgt James Harper at Felixstowe police on 01473 613500.

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