Felixstowe: Dangerous phone chargers seized at port

AN importer has been ordered to shell out thousands of pounds for attempting to import dangerous electrical products.

An import of �40,000 worth of unsafe and non-compliant chargers and adaptors was seized by Suffolk Trading Standards at the Port of Felixstowe last year.

The products were all submitted for testing and it was found that they did not comply with safety standards and were unsafe.

Last week the importer pleaded guilty to attempting to import the dangerous products.

They were fined �180 and ordered to pay �1,325 costs.

The products were then destroyed by Trading Standards and the importer was charged a further �1,598.

Officials at Trading Standards believe the seizure will act as a warning.

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Carol Garrett, principal trading standards officer, said: “This was a very successful operation resulting in the prevention of dangerous goods from entering into the supply chain and being made available to consumers across the UK.

“We are constantly on the look-out for products that could pose a risk to the public or do not comply with safety requirements and we ensure that appropriate action is taken whenever we feel public safety is put at risk.

“It is important that consumers feel secure in the knowledge that the goods they purchase are safe and can be relied upon.”

The importer has since been prosecuted by Manchester Trading Standards after it was revealed their products were still being sold.

? Do you think more needs to be done to stop unsafe products being sold?

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