Felixstowe down in the dumps

IT'S been floral Felixstowe and friendly Felixstowe.Now it's filthy Felixstowe!That could be the town's new image this summer unless something is done urgently to clear up unsightly and disgusting rubbish littering the resort's road verges, alleyways and some recreation areas.

IT'S been floral Felixstowe and friendly Felixstowe.

Now it's filthy Felixstowe!

That could be the town's new image this summer unless something is done urgently to clear up unsightly and disgusting rubbish littering the resort's road verges, alleyways and some recreation areas.

Litterbugs have been having a field day, thoughtlessly throwing away food cartons, plastic bottles, sweet wrappers, old newspapers, and cans.

"Litter has become a paramount problem wherever you look in Felixstowe – and some parts of the town are absolutely disgusting," said deputy mayor Doreen Savage.

"I look around the town and I have never seen it with so much rubbish just discarded in bushes, verges and the places where people like to walk.

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"There is no excuse for it. If people have litter they should put it in the bin – we have plenty of them around the town – or simply put it in their car and take it home with them, not throw it out of the window.

"I cannot believe people's attitudes sometimes."

Town and district councillor Mrs Savage said many parts of the resort were suffering and she despaired when she saw schoolchildren simply throwing down food and sweet wrappers.

But she highlighted the verges along Viewpoint Road, and the A14 slip road for Cavendish Park and Dock Gate Two as two of the worst areas in town.

"These areas seem to be nothing but empty plastic bottles stuck in the bushes and undergrowth. It is disgusting," she said.

Other town councillors pinpointed the private alleyways behind shops in the town centre as being awash with litter, and Peewit Hill.

A spokeswoman for Suffolk Coastal said the council spent £500,000 a year clearing up litter and did have responsive teams which could tackle litter blackspots if they was alerted to them.

The A14 received full-time attention from a roving hit squad cleaning its verges and also regularly doing the central reservation, co-ordinating with the Highways Agency to ensure the safety of staff involved.

Felixstowe town centre and seafront, and the beach during the summer season, was cleaned daily to a high standard.

The council is encouraging local organisations to help it tackle problems this spring in an anti-litter campaign to encourage people to take pride in their environment and join clean-ups to raise awareness of waste issues.

n What do you think – how should we deal with the litterbugs? Write to Evening Star Letters, 30 Lower Brook Street, Ipswich, IP4 1AN, or e-mail EveningStarLetters@eveningstar.co.uk


n Suffolk Coastal is responsible for the verges and central reservation of the A14 and A12 but works in partnership with the Highways Agency.

n The council has more than 1,000 litter and dog waste bins and liaises with parish and town councils over the need for extra ones.

n Two extra staff will join Felixstowe's permanent litter squad from April to October to keep the beaches, town centre and seafront clean seven days a week.

n In Felixstowe litterbugs caught dropping rubbish can face fixed penalty on-the-spot fines.

n Council chiefs are currently reviewing how best to educate the public about littering – and a major enforcement campaign is one of the suggestions.

n Schools, councils, youth groups and others are urged to join the Spring-time Anti-Litter Campaign. Call the council on 01394 383789 and it will provide sacks and gloves and collect and dispose of the litter.

Source: Suffolk Coastal District Council

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