Felixstowe: Dream come true for Olympic veteran Stan Cox

FORMER Olympian Stan Cox has today had a dream come true – after receiving an invitation to attend the 2012 London games.

Running veteran Mr Cox, now 93, is one of the last surviving members of the British squad which took part in the 1948 Olympics, the last time the event was held in London.

He has been invited to attend the Olympic Stadium next summer, and enjoy prime seats to see some of the athletics’ field and track events.

“I am really excited and looking forward to it so much,” said Mr Cox, of Dellwood Avenue, Felixstowe.

“The organisers told me that I have been allocated tickets to see the athletics.

“They say I am one of the few surviving – and possibly the only one still alive – from the 1948 team.

“I haven’t heard from any of the team for many years now, although I still have a booklet with all their names inside. It would be wonderful to meet up with them if there are any others left.

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“I am now waiting for the tickets and to hear what transport has been arranged.”

Mr Cox competed in the 10,000m in 1948, when he was the British six-mile champion.

He said he can still clearly remember the event and the amazing atmosphere and is eager to see what the modern games will be like.

“I had to take a day off work, unpaid, or a day’s holiday, to take part in my race – and then it was back to work the next day!” he said.

He felt today’s athletes were able to get faster and faster, jump higher and longer, because the sport is their full-time job and they can devote so many hours to training and get specialist help with their diet and fitness.

Mr Cox also took part in the 1952 Helsinki Games, running in the marathon.

At that time he was one of the top two marathon runners in the world but collapsed with a health problem after 22 miles of the 26-mile race.