Felixstowe: Five-year-old Kaleisha Sparrow had a broken jaw, lost a tooth and suffered severe concussion – so why didn’t Maidstone Infants School contact her parents?

FELIXSTOWE: Parents today told of their concern after their five-year-old daughter broke her jaw in an accident at school – but was left to finish the day without seeing a doctor.

Kaleisha Sparrow was running around in the playground at Maidstone Infants School in Felixstowe on Wednesday morning when she and another child accidentally crashed into each other, knocking out a tooth in the front of her mouth.

Despite crying for her mum, the youngster’s parents were not informed of the incident at the time and she went back to class as usual.

But the full extent of her injuries became apparent during the night, when she woke up at 10.30pm vomiting and screaming in pain.

Mum Nadine Sparrow took her to Ipswich Hospital on Thursday, where doctors found she had fractured her upper jaw, suffered severe concussion, developed a bad infection in her mouth where the tooth had been knocked out and badly damaged the adult tooth waiting to come through.

She was admitted to hospital, where she had to stay for three days until her condition improved, and she was put on antibiotics.

Nadine, 34, of Brackley Close, said: “She was crying and in a lot of pain, but they left her all day at school without a phone call to me.

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“When my friend picked her up from school, no-one came out to say she had had this accident – there was just a note in her book bag. But no-one had picked up that she hadn’t eaten or drunk anything all day.

“I was so angry when I realised what had happened. I think they should have phoned me straight away so I could have come and got her so she could see a doctor. It was a head injury bad enough for her to lose a tooth so I should have at least had a phone call.”

Nadine and husband Tony are so concerned they have taken Kaleisha out of Maidstone Infants – where she has been since she started nursery – and enrolled her at Grange Primary School.

They have also submitted a formal complaint to Maidstone’s board of governors and the Local Education Authority.

The couple will take Kaleisha back to the hospital tomorrow so doctors can decide whether she will need surgery to repair the damage, and they have been warned the five-year-old will need a number of hospital and dental appointments over the coming months.

Maidstone headteacher Lizzie Girling said Kaleisha’s injuries had not been immediately apparent – and she said procedures had been followed.

“We take the care of all pupils seriously,” said Mrs Girling, “and believe the first aid procedures were correctly followed in this case.

“There were no further indications of any distress throughout the school day and she even participated in country dancing that afternoon.

“However, we will review our first aid procedures and implement changes if required.”

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