Felixstowe: Flood defences repair work will last eight weeks

Flood defences along Felixstowe's central and south seafront are to have £120,000 of repairs this au

Flood defences along Felixstowe's central and south seafront are to have £120,000 of repairs this autumn. - Credit: Archant

Experts are set to begin work next week on a £120,000 project to repair a section of the flood defences along Felixstowe seafront.

The Environment Agency’s engineers have identified failed or poor joints and damaged brickwork which need attention, as well as repairs needed to cracks, plus some sheet piles which are exposed on the beach and need to be removed.

The work to the wall alongside the prom between the War Memorial, Undercliff Road West, and Landguard Common to the south, will help to continue to protect 960 residential and 468 commercial properties.

Pete Roberts, asset performance team leader, said: “This work plays an important part in making sure that the defences in Felixstowe remain in good condition for many years to come.

“We would like to apologise for any inconvenience it causes to the public and to reassure them that we will keep any disruption to a minimum.”

The Environment Agency will start carrying out repairs on Monday, and the work is expected to take about eight weeks to be completed. The project should not stop people using the beach and promenade.

Mr Roberts said: “Doing these works out of season will help to minimise the disruption to tourists and local people.

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“Our works compound takes up eight parking spaces at the Manor Terrace public car park which would have caused difficulties for people trying to park in high season.”

Officers from the agency have also been inspecting vulnerable areas of the coast following last week’s high tides and gales, which caused erosion in some places.

People coming across any perceived hazards are asked to report them to the Environment Agency on their incident hotline, 0800 80 70 60.

An agency spokesman said: “We are dealing with numerous issues throughout the Suffolk coast that have emerged in the aftermath of last week’s surge.

“We are prioritising our response with a risk based approach where those issues that present the greatest hazard are dealt with first.”