Felixstowe: Help us save our fire crews!

TODAY The Evening Star launches one its most important campaigns – to save fire crews in Suffolk’s premier resort.

- Incredibly, Suffolk fire bosses have decided to axe full-time crews in Felixstowe – a town crammed with big hotels, multi-level guest houses, often-packed amusement arcades and...Britain’s biggest container port with major offices and depots at every turn.

- Incredibly, fire chiefs have admitted it will take longer for crews to reach the scene of fires – the Evening Star’s files bulge with fire pictures from the Felixstowe area.

- Incredibly, they think it is acceptable that the people of Felixstowe should get an inferior fire and rescue service to other parts of our region.

So The Evening Star has today drawn a line in Felixstowe’s sand – and told fire chiefs that we will fight their proposals tooth and nail.

We have told them, directly, that we find their proposals unacceptable to the people of Suffolk.

And we’ve told them that as the Felixstowe proposals are so bizarre and unwarranted that we’ll take a look into all their current proposals, including their plan to kill off a locally-based fire control for the county.

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In print and online we’ll show how Suffolk’s fire bosses have made at least one huge mistake in their current re-structuring decisions.

Join our fight today!

Comments are already coming in backing our fight - see below - while other readers have been leaving messages on our Facebook page.

Facebook user Ben Burgess wrote: “These cuts are going too far, lets hope they retract this decision.”

Jamie Versey added: “Outrageous. This CANNOT happen.”

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