Felixstowe: Killer’s dad wants answers about wife’s treatment

The father of serial killer Steve Wright is today demanding answers from Ipswich Hospital over claims his wife was misdiagnosed twice before she died of cancer.

Grieving Conrad Wright is due to meet Ipswich Hospital bosses over claims doctors misdiagnosed his wife on two occasions before she died of cancer.

Mr Wright, 75, claims a lump on Valerie Ann’s neck was wrongly identified in December and February – on one occasion believing it was simply her muscle.

He alleges it was not until around a month before her death in May that the cancer was finally spotted after she suffered a fit.

Mr Wright claims doctors should have been more aware of the dangers because his wife had suffered from Lymphoma (cancer of the lymphatic cells) twice before.

He said: “We came to the hospital in December because of a lump on the left side of her neck.

“It was examined (by a doctor) and we were told it was just an infection and she was prescribed antibiotics. But the lump didn’t go away and was getting larger and her left arm had become painful. We were then told by the doctor it was a muscle not a lump.

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“I have asked several times, if she had been diagnosed properly, would she have had a bit more life?”

He also claims the hospital told him his wife died on May 28, yet he alleges her medical records state she passed away the following day.

The allegations come just a few months after a care quality commission report found serious failings in the care of older patients at Ipswich Hospital.

Mr Wright said the hospital had treated him and his wife well on previous occasions, but has now written to bosses demanding answers over the alleged misdiagnoses.

Chief Executive Andrew Reed said: “We are very sorry that Mr and Mrs Wright had a poor experience. We will contact Mr Wright immediately to ask him to come and meet with us so that we can understand what the problems are and what we are going to do to put them right.”