Felixstowe: Leisure bosses urged to turn up the heat at swim pool

Turn it up!

That was the message today from readers following the Star’s revelations that complaints have been made over the chilly water at Felixstowe Leisure Centre’s swimming pools.

Leisure bosses have said the temperature in the pools is between 27 and 30C, but readers have bombarded our website and Facebook page claiming the water is so cold that some youngsters’ lips are turning blue.

One swimmer said: “This pool is very cold, no matter what (operator) DC leisure says, my eight-year-old gets very cold, and so do I.

“It’s no fun being in the water with a child who doesn’t swim much yet.”

Another reader added: “I won’t ever take my kids in that pool – last time their lips turned blue. I don’t know what temperature it should be, but it needs to be a lot warmer.”

A Facebook page has been set up calling for the temperature in the pool to be turned up – and more than 500 people have already joined to voice their concerns.

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A spokesman for Suffolk Coastal District Council said temperature readings of the pool and air are carried out at least three times a day and they have shown the temperature is at the recommended level – between 27C and 30C. The spokesman added: “DC Leisure and the council do take complaints very seriously and will continue to monitor the pools closely to establish whether there could possibly be any other factors affecting temperatures and if any action can be taken to address this.”