Felixstowe: Mayor brands vandals as “idiots” as damage costs escalate

MAYOR of Felixstowe Doreen Savage today spoke of her growing frustration at the vandals whose repeated attacks on public property is costing taxpayers thousands of pounds.

She branded them “idiots” and urged residents to help catch the gang who have damaged toilets blocks, a park, floral displays, bus and seafront shelters, and torched a beach hut. The town’s skate park has also been targeted.

Meanwhile, police investigating the trail of damage are urging anyone who sees vandalism being committed to ring 999 to help officers catch the culprits.

“It makes me feel sick,” she fumed. “We have had more damage caused over the last few days and it is absolutely shocking.

“It is stupid and pointless and I cannot see what pleasure anyone would get out of causing it.

“The people committing this damage are idiots. They are spoiling the town for everyone else and they don’t seem to realise the huge cost of putting right what they have done – and that it is costing their parents money through their council tax.

“The facilities which are being damaged are vital to residents and also visitors and to find toilets out of action of plants damaged or parks left in a mess is doing the town’s reputation no good at all. It makes me very angry.”

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Toilets along the whole of the seafront have been damaged, with soap dispensers ripped off walls, doors smashed, and toilets blocked with loo paper and the lavatory blocks then flooded. Walls have also been smeared with excrement.

Windows have been broken in seafront shelters, flower displays wrecked, chalets damaged, and Langer Park left in a mess after a party.

A spokesman for the Felixstowe and District Safer Neighbourhood Team said the damage was a top priority and extra patrols were being targeted at key areas.

“We would ask anyone seeing criminal damage being caused to call 999 so that officers can attend immediately. Don’t be scared to call 999 if a crime is being committed,” she said.