Felixstowe: Mouse in the house holds up repairs

Sharon Eric from Felixstowe is complaining after being told Flagship would not repair outside of her

Sharon Eric from Felixstowe is complaining after being told Flagship would not repair outside of her house because she might have a mouse living near where the repairs are needed round her meter box,and she needs to pay £100 to get a professional certificate to say her home is pest free. - Credit: Archant

A WOMAN has been told she cannot have her house repaired to prevent a mouse coming indoors – until she gets rid of the rodent.

Sharon Eric has been left fuming after her landlords refused to deal with the pest and said they would not mend the hole in her wall which the mouse uses to get into the property.

She said: “It’s a ridiculous situation.

“If they mended the wall then I would not have a problem because the mouse would not be able to get in – and it’s only getting in because they won’t mend the wall.

“They’ve told me though that it’s a pest control issue and I need to sort it out first.

“However, I’ve rung around some companies and they want to charge me more than £100 to deal with this mouse and there is no way I can afford that.”

The mouse has been running up a pipe leading into one of the utility boxes on the outside of her home in Coronation Drive, Felixstowe, and then finding its way indoors through a hole in the wall near the connection.

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Don Evans, Flagship’s Director of Housing said: “We are sorry to hear that Ms Eric has a mouse problem, however, we have no information about her repair on our system.

“We will be contacting our customer to investigate the hole in her wall to establish what we can do.

“Flagship customers are responsible for the removal of pests such as mice and we advise them to contact their local authority as many provide either a free or a low-cost service to residents.”

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