Felixstowe mum's joy among her sadness

A YOUNG Felixstowe mum battling leukaemia has renewed her wedding vows after being told there is nothing more doctors can do to halt the disease.

By SARAH GILLETT, health reporter, sarah.gillett@eveningstar.co.uk>

A YOUNG Felixstowe mum has lost her battle against leukaemia - just hours after she renewed her wedding vows.

Georgina Cummings, 25, died in the early hours of yesterday morning.

Despite being desperately ill she had found the strength and courage to renew her vows to her husband Trevor-Lee on Thursday afternoon, and requested that The Evening Star come along to capture the occasion.

Mrs Cummings, of Adastral Close, was diagnosed with acute myeloid leukaemia in March.

After a course of chemotherapy she had been hoping to have a life-saving bone marrow transplant but, just days before she was due to go in for the operation, found out the disease had returned.

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Her husband Trevor-Lee said: "We are all devastated. We really thought she was going to be all right and get over it, but then she started getting bad pains and they found two large lumps in her chest.

"The leukaemia came back with a vengeance and the doctors said there was nothing more they could do."

Mr and Mrs Cummings, who have three children: Aaron-Lee, six, Chloe-Lea-Anne, four, and Ryan-Lee, nine months, renewed their wedding vows on Thursday- a few weeks before their sixth wedding anniversary.

The children were also christened during the same service.

Angela Garnham, Mrs Cummings' mother-in-law, said: "We just wanted to make it as nice a day as possible for them all, and we had so much support from everybody.

"She was obviously hanging on for that day, but she would still have wanted it to go in the paper. It was her that wanted the photographer to be there."

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