Felixstowe: New police powers successful on boy racers

New powers given to police in a crackdown on boy racers in the town has proved to be a masterstroke.

The powers, which were introduced last month, have given police the power to give tickets to drivers who misuse car parks by parking and sitting in their cars or racing.

The tickets were originally dished out by council officers but since the police have been involved they have not had to issue a single ticket.

Inspector Steve Gallant said: “It’s a wonderful initiative.

“The fact that we have got these powers is wonderful and we haven’t had to issue any so far.

“All we are interested in is that they are using the car parks for what they are there for.”

The job of issuing tickets was originally undertaken by the district council enforcement officers and Inspector Gallant is confident that the powers being passed on to police has been a sufficient deterrent.

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“It’s an initiative that allows us to work closely with the council and deal with these issues,” he said.

A spokesman for Suffolk Coastal District Council praised the move, claiming that police have more resources to deal with the issue.

A spokesman for Suffolk Coastal District Council said: “We hope that this latest partnership initiative with the police will help stamp out the anti-social behaviour of a few selfish drivers who have been blighting the lives of residents in Felixstowe.

“Suffolk Coastal has done what it can to resolve this problem but we recognised that the police have much more resources and flexibility to tackle it head on.

“Ideally, the news alone that such positive steps are now being taken will act as enough warning to all those who have been acting so irresponsibly to make them change their ways and show respect for others by driving sensibly and keeping their music to a reasonable level.”

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