Felixstowe: Olympic performance overshadows date at Royal Albert Hall for singer

SHE has performed at the Royal Albert Hall and taken up the chance to sing for royalty.

But 34-year-old singer Michelle Forde, known as Destiny Michelle, has admitted her past shows are a distant memory now after performing in front of her biggest crowd to date... and she has one more show to come.

For Michelle, of Felixstowe, was part of the team helping to make the opening ceremony of the London 2012 Olympics such a massive success and she also has a role in the closing ceremony.

Michelle was one of the Pandemonium Drummers performing in the Industrial Revolution scene of the ceremony, which millions of people tuned in to watch, and she admitted it has been one of the highlights of her career.

She said: “I don’t even know the word to describe it, it was beyond anything I thought it was going to be. I have sung at the Albert Hall and Buckingham Palace but that was just amazing.”

Michelle joined the armed forces after leaving school and served with HM Royal Marines Band Service and the Royal Military Police.

After the opening ceremony she got the chance to meet up with some of the star athletes and she is now in rehearsals for the closing ceremony.

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She was remaining tight-lipped about what we can expect, but she said she is looking forward to the show after having the experience of a lifetime.

She added: “We had rehearsals yesterday (for the closing ceremony) and we have got a bit of a feel for what it is going to be like.

“I’m just loving this whole experience and I have made so many friends from it – it’s been amazing.”

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