Felixstowe: Pensioner calls for action after pavement fall causes injuries

A PENSIONER who suffered injuries after tripping and falling in a town centre street is today calling for urgent repairs to the pavement.

Barbara Ling went sprawling after her foot caught a raised area of path in Orwell Road, Felixstowe.

She suffered injuries to her knees, elbow and face and was left with bruising.

Mrs Ling, 77, of Mill Lane, Trimley St Martin, was on her way to the bank having left her husband Derek waiting for her in their car in the Ranelagh Road car park.

“I was walking along and then suddenly, bang and I was over – I hit the raised bit of pavement with such force that it broke my shoe,” she said.

“I have not broken any bones but I landed on my knees and knocked my eye and have some bad bruising on my elbow.

“People ran to help me and the man at Poor Richard’s Books came out and helped me up and took me into his bookshop and gave me a glass of water.

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“I was worried that my husband would be waiting for me and not know what had happened.

“I just want to warn people really so that no one else trips and falls in that same place.”

A Suffolk County Council spokeswoman said: “The roads and pavements in Felixstowe are inspected routinely every month. If however an incident occurs and is reported to the highways team between the times of inspection will we carry out an additional assessment of the location within 24 hours.”

Pavements with a difference in height of 20mm are repaired within 24 hours. If the difference in height is less, it is still repaired but will be further down the priority list.

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