Felixstowe: Police crackdown on illegal and inconsiderate parking

POLICE are launching a crackdown to stop inconsiderate and illegal parking around Felixstowe.

Residents have become increasingly frustrated at cars being left in places where they cause problems or simply should not be parked.

There have been confrontations between pedestrians and drivers, especially in the shared space stretch of Hamilton Road, where tempers and frustration have boiled over.

But the Felixstowe Safer Neighbourhood Team’s community panel meeting was told drivers were parking in no-go areas all over the town, including on yellow lines, junctions, outside schools and on zig-zag markings at crossings.

There are also problems outside Barclays Bank, where all drivers, including blue badge holders, are banned from parking despite no lines on the road.

Panel chairman Nick Barber said: “What we are seeing is parking without brain – a dump it anywhere attitude from lazy drivers who won’t walk.

“What we need is a bit more common sense.

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“It’s inconsiderate parking and I think if the police issued a few �60 fixed penalty tickets word might get round and then the situation might improve.”

Inspector Steve Gallant said following the panel meeting it had been agreed to make the parking problem a new priority for the SNT.

He said officers would be paying particular attention to the town centre area and also to parents’ parking outside schools at drop-off and collection times.

“Outside schools, our main concerns are that parking is not across driveways or on the zig-zag lines and that it doesn’t interfere with the neighbours so that everyone’s children are safe,” said Insp Gallant.

“We want to encourage parents to leave home five minutes earlier and park around the corner to walk those last few yards to school with their children and introduce them to a positive road safety message.

“Drivers need to be aware of where there are parking restrictions and if there are no lines on the road surface, they still need to look at the signs.”