Felixstowe: Put a sticker in your window and help Save Our Fire Crews

DOZENS of people are already displaying the Evening Star’s Save Our Fire Crews campaign car stickers in their vehicles.

As soon as the free stickers were launched, people flocked to our offices in Felixstowe and Ipswich to collect them – and there are still plenty left for more supporters to take part.

The stickers are part of the campaign against the proposals to axe Felixstowe’s full-time fire crews as part of budget cuts.

The resort would be left to rely on its hard-working on-call firefighters and crews coming from Ipswich, up to 13 minutes or more away, as their back-up.

Suffolk County Council has pledged to carry out public consultation in the new year on the issue – and campaigners say it is essential that the public make its voice heard on the proposals and persuade councillors to take notice and find other savings instead.

Gillian Moseley, of the South Hill Residents’ Association, said cutting day-time cover was “a stupid idea” and believed other areas should be examined for cuts and efficiencies to save money.

“I am definitely objecting to the changes at Felixstowe Fire Station – councillors need to look at other savings,” she said.

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At the moment, the full-time crew can be at an emergency in three to four minutes, while the on-call officers have to leave work, drive through traffic to the fire station in High Road West and wait for enough officers to arrive to man a fire engine.

Suffolk County Council has admitted response times would be affected if the full-time crews are cut, but has deemed the risk “acceptable”.

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