Felixstowe: Robson is set to become guide dog number four

Thanks to your generous support The Evening Star’s fourth guide dog looks set to head to Suffolk within the next few weeks.

The little black Labrador, who is nearly five-weeks-old, has been named Robson and he is one of our first guide dog Star’s second litter.

He was born in Solihull, where Star lives, and is due to go for vaccinations and medical checks before he is sent to puppy walker Penny Parker so he can begin his basic training.

“He’s in Solihull at the minute with Star and her family and he certainly likes his food,” said Mrs Parker

“I will start all his training. Teaching him to be house trained, to be on a lead, to go on buses, trains, in shops and to the theatre for the next year.

“Then hopefully he will go off to the training centre and will spend three months there learning about traffic and object awareness.”

Star gave birth to eight puppies at her home in the West Midlands, including one miracle pup, Drifter, who was stillborn.

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After attempts to revive Drifter were unsuccessful he was taking to a centre to find out what was wrong but miraculously came to life while on the road.

“They were taking him to a centre to try and find out what was wrong and he was just revived on the road. Now he is one of our biggest!

“Whether they hit a bump in the road I don’t know but he just started screeching and he was quickly taken back to Star and she accepted him.”

Robson is set to become the Star’s fourth guide dog after Star, Sterling and Faith.

If all goes well with Penny, he will go to Redbridge for more training and he could be a working guide dog by the time he is 18 months.

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