Felixstowe: Rover ticket bid to make seaside stays longer

Councillors at Felixstowe hope new rover car park tickets will encourage people to stay and enjoy th

Councillors at Felixstowe hope new rover car park tickets will encourage people to stay and enjoy the resort for longer. - Credit: Archant

COMMUNITY leaders are pushing for new two new rover car park tickets to encourage people to visit both the town centre and the seafront at Felixstowe.

It is hoped the new tickets – if Suffolk Coastal council agrees – will mean more residents and visitors spending a day at the seaside, boosting trade in the town.

Town councillors have already suggested a six-month trial of a rover ticket at £4 per day to use in any of the pay-and-display car parks.

This is aimed at visitors, encouraging them to spend longer enjoying the resort’s extensive attractions.

Now they have sent Suffolk Coastal a proposal for a second rover, permitting people to buy a ticket for one, two or three hours and to use the same ticket at any of the resort’s short-stay car parks.

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Town councillor Kimberley Williams, who put forward the ideas, said while the £4 ticket would benefit residents, it would probably appeal more to visitors coming for a day or half a day and wanting to see different parts of the resort.

The short-stay rover though would benefit residents wanting to enjoy their own town.

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She said: “Two hours, for example, would be enough for people to do some shopping in the town and then go to the seafront for a walk or some food to use up the rest of their time on the ticket, rather than face having to purchase a car park ticket in both places.

“I have spoken to many people in the community and they have said it would be most welcome.”

? Do you think rover tickets are a good idea? Will it persuade you to stay longer? Add your comments below . . .

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