Felixstowe: Santa’s on his way!

FATHER Christmas and his faithful red-nosed reindeer Rudolph will be bringing a little magic of the festive season as they start their Christmas tour of the Felixstowe area tomorrow.

Along with a team of volunteer helpers, they will be visiting a different area of the town and nearby villages each night, raising cash for Save the Children and charities supported by Felixstowe Rotary Club.

They will be out and about from 6pm to 8.30pm.

? Friday, November 30: Roads bounded by High Road East and Cobbold Road, Montague Road, Picketts Road, Rosebery Road and Bath Road, up to Hamilton Road.

? Monday, December 3: Western Avenue, Roman Way, Westmorland Road and sidestreets.

? Tuesday, December 4: Roads bounded by Garrison Lane, Highfield Road, Penfold Road, St Andrews Road and Wolsey Gardens.

? Wednesday, December 5: Mill Lane/Grange Road and Wesel Avenue and sideroads.

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? Thursday, December 6: Trimley St Martin – St Martins Green and Mill Lane area.

? Friday, December 7: Roads between High Road East and Colneis Road, and St Georges Road and Rosemary Avenue.

? Monday, December 10: Adastral Close, and all roads between Langer Road and Sea Road, plus Riby Road, Bacton Road, Garfield Road and Victoria Road.

? Tuesday, December 11: Walton High Street, Exeter Road, Recreation Lane, Church Lane, and Gulpher Road area.

? Wednesday, December 12: Trimley St Mary – Faulkeners Way estate.

? Thursday, December 13: Valley Walk, Newry Avenue, Surrey Road, Goyfield Road, Mill Lane, Grange Road and Wadgate Road.

? Friday, December 14: Fairfield Avenue, Dellwood Avenue and roads off, High Road East, part of Colneis Road and Links Avenue.

? Saturday, December 15: 10am to 4pm, Hamilton Road.

? Monday, December 17: Coronation Drive estate.

? Tuesday, December 18: Grange Road, Grange Farm Avenue and estate roads.

? Wednesday, December 19: Kirton.

? Thursday, December 20: Walton – roads bounded by High Street, Maidstone Road and Cornwall Road.

? Friday, December 21: Trimley St Mary – New Road, The Avenues, St Mary’s Close and Spriteshall Lane.

? Saturday, December 22: 10am to 4pm, Morrisons.