Felixstowe: Sea rescue drama hero says the dog rescued him

LAUNCHING into the sea to save a dog from drowning, Steve Bain never imagined he would end up being the one who needed the help.

Mr Bain, from Felixstowe, today said he felt compelled to do something when he saw the owner of an 11-year-old Labrador cross in hysterics as her pet swam further out to sea. But it ended with Toby the dog guiding his rescuer back to the shore.

Dog owner Gloria Algar thanked Mr Bain when she met him yesterday following the incident in Felixstowe last Friday morning. Mr Bain stripped down to his boxer shorts and dived in to the chilly waters after Toby continued swimming away from shore, chasing after a stone which had been thrown into the sea.

Mr Bain, 56, of Quilter Road, said: “My wife and I were passing with our dog Monty. Toby just kept swimming straight out to sea. A couple of times it looked like he was going under.

“I know how much Monty means to us and she was on her knees in hysterics. I had to do something so I stripped off and went after him.

“I used to be a strong swimmer 30 years ago but I stopped half way because I was getting tired.”

He added: “That was when I realised I didn’t know how to save a dog so when he got close to me, I started swimming back towards shore and Toby followed. It was Toby who actually led me back to shore. It was quite weird being guided back in by a dog!”

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Mrs Algar, 52, St Andrews Road, Felixstowe, said: “I can’t thank Steve enough. He is a hero really.”

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