Felixstowe: Search for a hero who rescued dog from drowning

PET owner Gloria Algar is today hoping to meet her hero – the Good Samaritan who saved her dog from drowning.

She was walking Toby on the beach when she threw a stone for him that went into the sea and he chased after it, but didn’t come back . . . and just kept on swimming away from shore.

Hearing Gloria’s screams, the man – whose Christian name was Steven – stripped down to his boxer shorts on the prom at Felixstowe and jumped into the chilly water.

He swam as far as he could shouting at the labrador cross when the 11-year-old dog suddenly heard his voice and turned back.

“I cannot thank this man enough – I was screaming and crying because Toby would not come back when I called him,” said dog owner Gloria, of St Andrews Road, Felixstowe.

“I wanted my baby back but I was so worried for this man and that his wife could lose a husband all because of my dog. It was such a frightening experience.

“I just want to meet him again so I can say thank you properly.”

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Gloria, 52, who also had another of her pet dogs Billy, an 11-year-old border collie, with her, had been walking the pair near the Spa gardens on Friday at 9.30am when the incident happened. She sad Toby was used to chasing a ball into the water.

“When I threw a stone for him I think he must have just got confused because the stone disappeared into the water and he couldn’t see it,” he said.

“He must have thought he was still chasing it and had to keep swimming to find it.

“I was shouting at him but he just took no notice. I was on my knees crying on the sand because I just thought Toby would drown.

“This man Steven is my hero – he saved Toby and I just want people to know that there are still some kind-hearted people out there in the world.

“We didn’t have a towel for the man or anything he came out of the water and he must have been very cold.”

? If you know Steven then get in touch with the Ipswich Star newsdesk – call 01473 324790 or email starnews@archant.co.uk