Felixstowe: Security review under way as travellers move on

TRAVELLERS who were camped on a Felixstowe car park have moved on.

The group were staying on the Landguard Common free car park at the end of Manor Terrace, with their caravans, trucks and cars along one edge of the site, including outside tables and chairs set up.

Suffolk Coastal council was taking legal action to have the group, the third to visit the resort this summer, evicted.

Other groups stayed on the south seafront redevelopment site, and the Garrison Lane car park.

A security review is now under way and action to be taken to stop further camps taking place has been promised.

Council officials are assessing a number of options but have said that heigh barriers are not likely to be among them as this would prevent camper vans and legitimate caravan owners from using the car parks during day-time.