FELIXSTOWE: Sex party dental worker suspended

FELIXSTOWE: Dental technician Raymond Pomroy is today starting a four-month suspension from his business – after inviting a female employee to sex parties at his home.

Mr Pomroy encouraged the woman to take part in “swingers’ parties” and told her she “would look good in a leather outfit”.

He also told her that he had dreamt of her body and, if she was shy, she would not have to take part “straight away” in the sexual activities taking place at the swingers’ parties or could ask not to be disturbed while taking part in activities.

The actions of Mr Pomroy, who runs the Felixstowe Dental Laboratory in Cobbold Road, Felixstowe, were judged to be misconduct in the eyes of the dental profession and his fitness to practise impaired.

The professional conduct committee of the General Dental Council (GDC) was told Mr Pomroy, who is in his mid 60s, had suggested the employee, referred to at the hearing as Ms A, in her 20s, attend the parties at his home at Treetops, Walton, Felixstowe, between March 25, 2008, and February 2009, when she worked at his practice as a dental technician.

In the course of Ms A’s employment, Mr Pomroy was also said to have made inappropriate comments including words to the effect that “she did not need breast surgery”.

Mr Pomroy denied all the allegations.

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At the end of yesterday’s hearing, the five-member conduct committee – chaired by Debbie Morton – released a statement saying it found the case proved.

The misconduct “was a serious departure from proper professional standards of conduct” and had involved “repeatedly making inappropriate, unwelcome and sexually motivated comments” to Ms A, described as vulnerable, over a period of months until she left.

“The committee accepts that it is unlikely that Mr Pomroy would repeat the particular misconduct committed in this case, but that is not the only factor that the committee has to consider,” it said.

“One of the committee’s functions is to declare and uphold proper standards of behaviour by registered dental technicians.

“Having considered the misconduct in this case very carefully it has concluded that Mr Pomroy’s fitness to practise is currently impaired by reason of this misconduct.”

The committee heard Mr Pomroy had a 49-year unblemished career and is to retire soon, and so suspended him for four months.

He has the right to appeal against the decision.