Felixstowe: Shelter design branded a monstrosity – but what’s your verdict?

A complete and utter monstrosity.

Those were the words used by one councillor to describe a new public shelter in Felixstowe, which will form a key feature of the �2.7million renovation of the town’s seafront gardens.

The structure will be built on the top of the South Cliff Gardens, in the same place as the original wooden shelter which was removed in the 1980s.

But the design has been criticised by Suffolk Coastal councillors.

Kimberley Williams, who represents the Felixstowe North ward, said: “This is the first time I have seen these plans and I have to say it is a complete and utter monstrosity.”

Despite widespread criticism from councillors, particularly those who represent Felixstowe, the shelter was given the go-ahead amid fears that some of the funding could be lost if it had to be redesigned and work started later than scheduled.

Councillor Andy Smith said he was disappointed to see the original shelter being replaced with something so “starkly modern”.

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But he claimed there was no choice other than to “grin and bear it”.

The new shelter will be built into the sloping bank at the top of the South Cliff Gardens.

Plants and shrubbery are also due to be put in place in order to disguise some of the concrete.

Case officer Michaelle Coupe told the committee: “It is considered that the proposed new shelter will provide a creative new addition to the Town Hall Garden and restore its formal civic design by reinstating a local focal point that would be to the benefit of residents and visitors alike.

“It is considered the proposals would enhance the character of the conservation area and have no adverse impact on the character of the historic garden.”