Felixstowe: Spelling mistake on new academy name sign

SOME might say it was not the best of starts for an academy heralding a bright new era for education for a town – as its sign went up with a glaring spelling mistake.

Instead of saying Felixstowe Academy, it said Felixtowe Academy – the “s” having dropped off somewhere along the line.

Even though the mistake was quickly spotted, and put right within two hours, some members of the public noticed the error, and one sharp-eyed Evening Star reader took before and after photos.

But it wasn’t the academy’s fault – just a slip by the sign manufacturers.

Executive principal Stephen Chamberlain said the error on the sign on the outside of the old Deben High School building in Garrison Lane had been spotted by the project manager overseeing improvements work at the campus.

“It was replaced within two hours and the contractor is picking up the cost as it was their mistake,” said Mr Chamberlain.

“No harm has been done and the academy is not officially open yet, and there has been no cost to the taxpayer.

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“A large number of new signs are being provided for the two campuses and this one just slipped through the net.”

Mr Chamberlain declined to give details of the contractors or the sign makers.

Around �170,000 is being spent at the academy’s Garrison and Maidstone campuses during the school holidays to refurbish parts of the sites, as well as change signs and boost security.

The work includes internal and external social areas for students, plus improvements to toilet facilities, changing rooms, the main halls, dining halls and sixth form areas. Almost �30,000 is being spent on IT links between the two campuses.

A package has also been put together to provide free new uniform to families.