Felixstowe: Tesco campaigners at war

PROTESTERS fighting to stop a Tesco superstore being built in Felixstowe have come under attack today – from vandals stealing their campaign signs.

More than ten estate agent-type boards have been ripped out of residents’ gardens, and some of them thrown down an embankment of the A14 Port of Felixstowe Road.

But campaigners say they will not give up their fight and are determined not to let the vandals stop them making their point against the proposed Walton Green supermarket development.

“I believe this is vandalism and nothing else, but it is very frustrating and annoying – we will keep on replacing the signs to keep on making our point,” said Walton Felixstowe Community First action group member Roy Gray.

“Our concern is that several of the signs have been thrown down onto the A14 by-pass and we are worried that if one of them gets onto the carriageway it could cause an accident and someone could be injured.”

A police spokeswoman said anyone seeing the boards being taken or thrown onto the by-pass should call 999. Anyone with information about the vandalism should call Felixstowe police on 101.

The proposals for the supermarket, along with around 180 homes, business units and community facilities, are expected to be submitted to Suffolk Coastal later this month or in October by the Walton Green Partnership, comprising landowners Trinity College, Cambridge, and Tesco.