Felixstowe: Three more toilet blocks wrecked in fresh wave of damage

VANDALS have struck again in Felixstowe – attacking three more toilet blocks and wrecking floral displays at the town’s main civic building.

In the latest incidents over the weekend, the disabled lavatory at Manor Terrace had its seat ripped off.

Meanwhile, at Langer Park, the women’s and men’s cubicles saw seats prised off and mess spread everywhere, and at the Spa Pavilion a man’s cubicle was wrecked and the toilets flooded.

Both the Langer Park and Spa facilities have been locked and are out of action until repairs can take place.

The damage comes just a fortnight after four loo blocks were damaged when soap dispensers were ripped off walls, cubicle doors broken off hinges and lavatory paper stuffed into sinks and toilets with the taps switched on and loos flushed to flood the buildings.

Deputy mayor Mike Deacon said: “This is mindless vandalism and I just find it incomprehensible.”

He said the vandals were picking on soft targets when no-one was about and ruining facilities used by many people.

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“It is very sad and a great pity for our town because it doesn’t paint a very good picture of the resort,” he said.

“At the end of the day this comes back to us all because we all pick up the bill for the repairs through our council tax and putting it right is not a cheap business.”

A Suffolk Coastal District Council spokesman said recent damage appeared to be caused by young people who are smoking and drinking in the loos.

“It is probably costing between �8,000 and �10,000 a year of council taxpayers’ money to put right vandalism at our toilets, and clearly it is also causing problems for those people who want to use them for what they are there for – a clean, modern and convenient free public facility,” he said.

Felixstowe town clerk Caroline Barrett said the vandalism at the Town Hall in Undercliff Road West had taken place Friday night or early Saturday.

“The four floral boxes along the main office windows were emptied, with evidence of soil on the windows, and the flowers and soil were strewn across the pavement area. One of the large tiered planters was also ransacked,” she said.

? Police urge people who witness vandalism to call them on 999 and anyone with information about these incidents to contact the Felixstowe Safer Neighbourhood Team on 01473 613500.