Felixstowe: Town Pastors to help quell late-night alcohol-fuelled trouble

POLICE are today pledging to tackle rowdiness at a late-night problem hot-spot after complaints from residents.

Householders living at the bottom of Hamilton Road in Felixstowe say the early hours at weekends are often plagued with noise, shouting and fighting.

There have been incidents of vandalism, too – with shop windows smashed.

Most of the problems are said to centre on the wait for taxis to take people home after they have left night spots on the seafront.

Felixstowe Safer Neighbourhood Team (SNT) and the Town Pastors is now set to deal with the problems and will also be looking back at CCTV footage to analyse the situation.

One resident said: “It’s horrendous – the noise is unbelievable.

“I have had three wing mirrors kicked off my car at �175 a time.

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“They are fighting and kicking each other, all drunk, and then at the taxi rank they fight again when a taxi turns up and someone jumps the queue.”

Inspector Steve Gallant, of the SNT, said: “We will be working with the Town Pastors and the taxi companies and monitoring the area very carefully,” said Insp Steve Gallant, of the SNT.

“The Town Pastors are excellent at helping to diffuse situations and we have members of their team in that area and I am sure they will be able to help.

“We will also be talking to the taxi company about a fair way of dealing with who gets the next taxi. At that time of night when people have been drinking, what is normally a small issue by day can suddenly become a big issue and that’s when trouble will start.”