Felixstowe vicar Andrew Dotchin calls for rail crossings to be closed after another tragedy

Rev Andrew Dotchin

Rev Andrew Dotchin

The third fatality on the rail line near Felixstowe this year has prompted local clergyman Rev Andrew Dotchin to ask for the closure of rail crossings to be speeded up.

The fatality happened just before 6pm on Saturday evening. A train driver reported that he may have hit someone.

Emergency services were called and a body was removed from the track between Trimley and Felixstowe stations at about 8pm.

While the line was closed buses took passengers between Felixstowe and Ipswich.

No further details of the incident were available and it is not known why the person was on the line, however Mr Dotchin – Priest in Charge of St John’s Church in Felixstowe – said it showed the necessity of closing as many crossings as possible.

He said: “It has to be as hard as possible for people to get on the track. I would ask anyone who is objecting to the closure of the crossings to think about that and withdraw their objections.”

Network Rail wants to close six pedestrian crossings in the Trimley area – some will be replaced by a new footbridge. However the closure process could take some time.

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This year an elderly man died at Grimston Lane crossing in February and a 34-year-old died at the same place in September.

Mr Dotchin also said the sadness of the tragedy was amplified because of the festive season when many people are celebrating with their family.

He said: “I think people have become more, not selfish, but self-thinking and are not looking around so much and seeing that not everyone is enjoying themselves as much as they are.

“I think we have to remember that while this is a time for families, it is also a time for the whole family of humanity as well as our own smaller family units.”