Giant Ferris wheel project for resort generates dozens of objections

Visitors got to have a birds eye view of Clacton on the new observation wheel at the pier. Picture:

The new wheel would be very similar to the one recently opened at Clacton - Credit: Sarah Lucy Brown

Dozens of objections have been lodged over proposals for a giant new observation wheel offering picturesque aerial views of the coast on Felixstowe seafront.

The 34m-high Ferris wheel would be sited on land between the promenade and Sea Road, similar to the one installed in Clacton earlier this year.

It would contain a total of 24 gondolas to carry people, with a food and drink stand at the bottom serving hot and cold food and drink to visitors.

However, concerns have been raised over the impact of the attraction on homes nearby.

Visitors got to have a birds eye view of Clacton on the new observation wheel at the pier. Picture:

The team behind the project at Felixstowe hope it will bring many more visitors - Credit: Sarah Lucy Brown

Felixstowe Town Council has welcomed the idea as an exciting addition to the resort - but feels it is the wrong place.

The council has told East Suffolk planners, who will make the final decision, that it should be refused until the issue can be resolved.

The town council said: "We do not think that the location proposed is appropriate when taking in to account the number of residential properties adjoining the site that will be negatively impacted due to issues of overlooking, noise, and parking.

Visitors got to have a birds eye view of Clacton on the new observation wheel at the pier. Picture:

The ride would have 24 gondolas and offer superb views of the area - Credit: Sarah Lucy Brown

"Furthermore, committee is greatly concerned that this proposal requires the use of a diesel generator. Given the environmental impact of this, the town council strongly recommends that mains electricity be a requirement rather than diesel."

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East Suffolk Council has also received more than 55 letters of objection from nearby residents.

Their many concerns include access, anti-social behaviour worries, loss of privacy, noise, overlooking and extra traffic and parking problems.

Some have suggested alternative sites for the Ferris wheel - including near the Manning's Amusement Park and Beach Street, and near the recently-restored Edwardian seafront gardens.

The wheel would only be in place between February and October - it would be removed by a crane in winter, to allow for cleaning and refurbishment.

A design and access statement by A & P Designs said it is hoped the wheel will make the most of "the increasing popularity in staycations within the UK". 

One of those spearheading the project is Paul Hedges, director of Observation Attractions Company Ltd. He said:  “It’s something that will be beneficial for the town we hope bringing more tourists."

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