Fightback - we're on the up!

IPSWICH and Suffolk are today shining a beacon of hope towards the rest of recession-blighted Britain.

Nigel Pickover

BUSINESSES are proving they are battling back against the recession in the county with more good news stories revealed today from across the region.

Today we can reveal as part of The Evening Star's Fightback campaign that Ipswich Building Society has released an impressive set of annual results and Suffolk New College has announced a positive future.

Ipswich Building Society has reported news of record savings and buoyant lending - particularly on mortgages.

Paul Winter, Chief Executive, said the society remained profitable in 2008 and it will be looking to extend its presence in Suffolk.

He said: “Our natural caution, coupled with deft financial control, means we not only occupy a far healthier financial position than many other institutions today, but that we are also well placed to maintain our financial strength in the future.”

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He added: “We believe the people of Suffolk value the services of Ipswich Building Society - people trust us to look after their interests. We are confident that our attentive approach to business will ensure that we thrive in the future.”

The principal of Suffolk New College, Dave Muller, has also told how the college is fully behind our campaign.

In an open letter he reveals that a �75million investment in new accommodation is nearing completion with applications for 2009/10 up by 12 per cent.

Mr Muller said: “The team here at Suffolk New College is 100% behind your campaign. Despite the current difficulties there remain many opportunities to reposition ourselves for the future and to invest in education and training to develop skills to re-energise the economy.

“Whilse recognising there is no short term fix to the current issues, strategically there are many positive opportunities for investment and to plan for the future. Through careful consideration of these, Suffolk will be in a strong position not only to fight back, but to win.”

Other good news includes Ipswich Central - a town centre business partnership - reporting many positive stories from the town's shopping streets. While Ipswich and Suffolk councils are reporting that both county town and county are in strong positions not only to fight back - but to win.

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We launched the Fightback campaign earlier this month to turn a spotlight on all that is good in Suffolk and the county town of Ipswich. We want to play our part with good news stories from the region.

Last week Prime Minister Gordon Brown called the Fightback campaign “inspirational” and said he was looking at it on a daily basis.