Fighter Lucy is celebrating her 18th...against all odds

KESGRAVE: It was a day no-one thought would come.

Lucy Button, who was born so severely brain-damaged that doctors did not think she would survive the night, has reached her 18th birthday.

Her mother, Michelle, of Trinity Close, Kesgrave, was emotional at the prospect of her eldest child reaching the milestone and claims Lucy has always been a “fighter”.

Lucy was born with cerebral palsy, is registered blind and has to be fed via a tube through her stomach.

No-one knows what the future holds for Lucy, but Michelle just carries on in life with her boundless energy and takes each day as she comes.

For nearly two decades, Michelle has been there for Lucy, caring for her 24/7 and experiencing a rollercoaster of emotions, never knowing if her daughter’s time was up.

The 41-year-old, who is also mother to 16-year-old James and four-year-old Oliver, said: “We take each day as it comes. You never know what is round the corner, but she is generally quite well.

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“She still makes us laugh. Her personality always shines through and you can always see what she is feeling through her eyes.

“It was emotional reaching the milestone. I was so happy that she reached 18, but her life should be taking a different path into adulthood. I will not see her do that but I have to celebrate her being here.

“It does affect me sometimes. I wish she was out clubbing, or able to have a boyfriend but that is not to be for Lucy and you have to accept that.

“She has other things in life that make her happy. She likes going to Woodbridge, loves hand and foot massages and classical music. She is an endearing child.”

Lucy attends East Anglia’s Children’s Hospices (EACH) in Ipswich about once a month for respite care and this time allows Michelle to do things with her other children that they don’t normally get to do, like swimming. With Lucy needing regular feeds and medicine three times a day, it can be difficult to go out for long periods of time.

She said: “They [the hospice] really need the money. I feel very strongly about it.”

Michelle, who has been with her partner Gary Harold for 13 years, also gets a lot of support from her mother, Theresa, who helps at bathtime and bedtime.

Michelle added: “I knew Lucy was a fighter because from the night she was told she would not live, she was still alive a week later.

“I would have never wanted my child to be in this condition, but I have met some truly wonderful people because of my daughter.

“When you have a child like Lucy, you either sink or swim, and I have always been a swimmer.”

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