Filling up with fuel? Check out cheapest petrol and diesel prices in the Ipswich area

Morrisons Petrol Station at Sproughton, Ipswich

Morrisons Petrol Station at Sproughton, Ipswich

Drivers looking to fill up with fuel in the Ipswich area will pay an average of 119.99p for a litre of unleaded petrol or 121.8p for diesel.

According to online price comparison website Petrol Prices, the cheapest places stations for unleaded petrol are Morrisons in Sproughton Road and Goddard Road Asda where it will cost 116.7p per litre.

The next three cheapest, at a cost of 118.9p each, are: The BP petrol station in Spring Road (RSS), the BP Meredith Service Station in Norwich Road and the BP petrol station in Ellenbrook Road (RSS).

For drivers of diesel cars, Morrisons in Sproughton Road and Goddard Road Asda are again the cheapest, with the same price of 118.7p.

The same three petrol stations listed above are also the joint-second cheapest for diesel prices, with a price of 120.9p.

The AA said earlier this month that the UK’s average petrol price has reach 120.11p a litre, up 0.63p on mid-January’s 119.48p. Diesel is now at 122.32p a litre, a third of a penny more expensive than last month when the cost averaged 121.98p a litre, it reported.

Edmund King, the AA’s president, said: “UK average petrol prices have hit a plateau of around 120p a litre for more than a fortnight, the perfect setting for local price variety and shopping around.

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“We accept that it is the prerogative of any retailer to charge what they like for fuel and, in the past, we have seen supermarkets switch to fighting their price wars in the aisles rather than on the forecourts.

“However, this latest change of tactic comes after nearly 15 months of tight fuel-price competition among supermarkets.

“Drivers need to keep their ears and eyes open to locate lower pump prices. That may be a case of buying fuel in a neighbouring town with more competitive prices.”