Finding love online put me in the dock

LOVESTRUCK Anji Anderson dressed up as her cheating boyfriend to drain his account in a bizarre bid to claw back thousands of pounds he owed her.Today she told how she met the love rat on the internet – and how the doomed affair landed her in court.

By Tracey Sparling

DISGUISING herself as her cheating boyfriend, an Ipswich woman tried to dupe bank staff into paying out thousands of pounds owed to her by the love rat she met on the internet.

In a desperate and bizarre bid to claw back the cash, Anji Anderson crammed a plastic bag inside her mouth, scraped her hair back and donned a baseball cap before trying to withdraw nearly £6,000 from his account.

But as Anderson watched the pile of notes being counted out, the bank cashier became suspicious at her disguise – and her claim to be unable to talk in the wake of "a mouth operation".

After police were called, Anderson, a 57-year-old singer from Ipswich, ended up being charged for obtaining cash by deception.


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