Fire knocks out homes' power

FIRE FIGHTERS are currently tackling a blaze at an electricity sub station in Suffolk.

MORE than 1,000 customers are still without power after an explosion and fire at a sub station in Suffolk.

Residents called the emergency services after hearing a bang at about 9.35am today - 1,042 customers are still waiting for their power to be restored by EDF Energy.

Fire fighters are currently waiting for EDF Energy to confirm that the seven live electricity supplies in the switch room have been isolated before they attempt to tackle the blaze.

Fire crews from Bungay, Beccles and Harleston attended the scene, and are still at the EDF Energy station in Rose Lane, Bungay, where the fire started in an 11 kilovolt primary switch control room.

Power was interrupted to several thousand customers in the Bungay area and is being restored in stages.

Speaking at 4.20pm today, a spokesman for EDF Energy Networks said: “We are working as quickly and as safely as possible to restore supplies to the remaining 1,042 customers who are still without power. Temporary generators are en route to the site in order to restore supplies to these customers throughout this evening.

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“The British Red Cross are now in the area on our behalf to help give practical support to customers without power. They are working from a van which is parked in the library car park. They will have the latest information for customers affected by the power cut on how work is progressing and can provide hot drinks to those who need them.

“They will also be calling on any vulnerable customers we are aware of.

“We would like to apologise for the inconvenience caused.”

The explosion has caused extensive damage to the switch room and fire crews have advised people living in the area to stay inside and to keep windows shut to avoid the smoke.

Police officers checked resident's homes and a police spokesman said the fire appeared to be contained within the sub station.

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