Watch as firefighters extinguish flames erupting from car bonnet

Firefighters from Princes Street battle car fire in Bramford Road Ipswich

Firefighters from Princes Street station in Ipswich battled the flames erupting from the car bonnet in Bramford Road - Credit: Hannah Quantrill

This was the dramatic scene as firefighters smothered erupting flames with a jet of water after a car caught alight in Ipswich.

A crew from Princes Street was called to the scene in Bramford Road at 2.05pm to battle the car fire.

It was put out by 2.19pm and the video, captured by an onlooker, shows the swift actions taken to contain the damage.

The flames erupting from under the bonnet were put out using a hose reel, which was operated by two firefighters wearing a breathing apparatus. 

It is not thought that anyone was injured in the incident.

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