Firefighters free baby stuck in seat

A BABY boy is recovering today after he got trapped in a bath seat and had to be cut free by firefighters.

A BABY boy is recovering today after he got trapped in a bath seat and had to be cut free by firefighters.

Six-month-old Noah Gillings from Ipswich was playing in the bath with his four-year-old sister when he slipped and got jammed in one of the leg holes.

His desperate mum Megan Kempster attempted to free him with soap and baby oil but eventually had to call firefighters to her home in Bonny Crescent, Ravenswood.

Miss Kempster, 21, a part-time nursery worker, said: “He was just playing in the bath as normal and had one leg bent and the other leg straight. His foot went through the foot hole and he slipped and he ended up laying down with his legs and bum stuck in the hole.

“I tried everything to get him out and didn't know what to do so I rang 999. He was screaming.

“I didn't know if it was worthy of calling the fire brigade and wondered if I was being stupid and I would have wriggled him out before they arrived.”

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Miss Kempster said firefighters arrived within five minutes of her call at about 1.20pm on Friday and got to work straight away to free Noah.

She added: “They put him on the kitchen table and they tried soap and oil as well. The seat wouldn't even flex to move so they had to cut it.

“They were so good. One of the firemen said he had a little six-month-old and he tried to play with him and kept talking to him.

“When they had freed him they let my daughter Tilly have a look around the fire engine.”

The accident left baby Noah with red marks on his back and legs.

Dave Edwards, watch manager with Suffolk Fire and Rescue Service, said it was one of the more unusual incidents he had attended.

He said: “He was in a bit of discomfort and was a bit red. I think he was a bit scared with four blokes standing over him.

“I have only been to one other thing like this when a child has got stuck in something. Last time a girl had tried to scan her face and got her tongue stuck in the scanner.”

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