First class improvement for Ipswich

MORE first class mail is being delivered on time following a push from Royal Mail to improve its performance in Ipswich.Independent tests have shown a 2.

MORE first class mail is being delivered on time following a push from Royal Mail to improve its performance in Ipswich.

Independent tests have shown a 2.1 per cent improvement in first class mail reaching its destination the next working day since the first quarter of this financial year.

Royal Mail's latest quality of service results showed 91.8pc of first class mail was delivered on time during the autumn third quarter between October and December last year, compared to 89.7pc between April and June 2004.

Postal services watchdog Postwatch praised Royal Mail for on its performance in Ipswich.

Postwatch spokesman Linda McCord said: "They should be congratulated for continuing the performance in IP postcodes."

Royal Mail welcomed the performance improvements and said its third quarter performance also compared favourably with the second quarter, from July to September, when 92.5pc of first class mail arrived on time.

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During the summer months mail volumes are traditionally lighter and higher performance figures are often recorded.

Royal Mail's eastern territories director Roger Baynes said: "These are extremely encouraging results for everyone in Royal Mail and for our customers. However, we know we have more to do.

"Our people have continued to work hard week in, week out to bring stability back to the business after the massive but essential changes introduced last year.

"We are seeing continued improvements in all postcodes in the eastern region compared to the start of the financial year.

"Our quality of service remains the top priority for everyone in Royal Mail.

"It will never be enough to simply return to profitability – we are determined that the service our customers receive should also be demonstrably the best in the market."

However the service improvement in Ipswich was the second lowest percentage increase in the region, only ahead of Norwich where Royal Mail only managed a 1.7pc improvement on the start of the financial year.

But the overall quality of service in IP postcodes was the third highest in the region, only behind Colchester, where 93.1pc of first class letters arrived on time in the third quarter and Milton Keynes where quarter three saw 92.5pc delivered on time.

The quality of service ratings are compiled by independent researchers who conduct tests by posting about 100,000 letters, packets and parcels each month.


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