Gulf War veteran raising money for Combat2Coffee

Rob Burton, pictured in his wheelchair, is undertaking a fitness fundraiser

Rob Burton, an army veteran, is raising money for Combat2Coffee - Credit: Rob Burton

An army veteran is aiming to raise funds for the organisation that runs a wellbeing and mental health coffee shop in Ipswich. 

Mr Burton served in the army from 1988 to 1991, being deployed in the first Gulf War. Shortly after returning home he left the armed services, but he attends veterans meetings and sees the differing impacts that warzones can have on people. 

He said: "I've seen the impact of PTSD and know people who have gone through it. I'm lucky in that I haven't, but I know it's something that should be talked about more and more veterans should be supported with." 

And although Mr Burton has been diagnosed with secondary progressive multiple sclerosis - a condition that affects the nervous system and spinal cord - he has opted to take on a fundraising challenge to support a Combat2Coffee, which runs coffee shops centred around helping veterans. 

The Coffee Cell, in Northgate Street, brings coffee grown in Brazil to be roasted by armed forces veterans in custody and within the community. 

Mr Burton is hoping to raise £1,000 using his wheelchair fitness machine, the Invictus Active trainer, to travel 200 miles. 

Speaking about how the challenge is going, he said: "It's going good. I'm keeping up five miles a day for most days, but if I skip a day I just make it up the next day. 

"It's a really valuable service that Nigel and the team at Combat2Coffee provide and they work all across the region. And I am confident we can help more veterans out there."

Armed forces veteran Nigel Seaman is opening a new branch of Combat2Coffee in Northgate Street

Armed forces veteran Nigel Seaman is opening a new branch of Combat2Coffee in Northgate Street - Credit: Sarah Lucy Brown

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Nigel Seaman, army veteran and founder of Combat2Coffee, said: "We feel privileged that Rob has chosen us to raise money for, it's obviously great for us. 

"His plans are fantastic, what an achievement for him to be able to take on the challenge. 

"Right now we're raising funds for a vehicle for the community so we can help more people and take coffee to people who basically can't leave the house. 

"We're looking like we might get some support with that from a local company, but everything we're raising right now is going towards that project and we're very grateful."

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