'The support was unforgettable' injured runner makes it over the finish line

Three of Ipswich's marathon stories: Connal Griffiths, Georgina Ames-Waller and Tim Sparkes

Three of Ipswich's marathon stories: Connal Griffiths, Georgina Ames-Waller and Tim Sparkes - Credit: Melanie Griffiths; Tim Sparkes; Georgina Ames-Waller

A runner whose knee 'gave out' at mile 14 managed to keep going and complete the London Marathon in under three and a half hours at the weekend.

Running for St Johns Ambulance was Jens Doncaster, who admits he didn't have an "ideal marathon".

Jens, of Ipswich, updated his Just Giving page to say that although he started well, at mile 14 his "left knee decided to give me so much pain and it got worse all the way to the finish". 

Despite that, he finished the race in three hours and 25 minutes and was "grateful to make it over the line". 

The support given to the runners by those spectating was praised by so many of the runners, with Jens saying: "The crowd in London were something else. The support they gave to the runners was unforgettable."

Jens Doncaster

Jens Doncaster was ten minutes over his target time thanks to a setback - but still did amazingly - Credit: Jens Doncaster

Neil Hunting ran a personal best of four hours and 18 minutes past the iconic London landmarks in aid of the Somerville Foundation. So far, he's raised more than £1,300 for the charity that supports people born with heart conditions. 

And Connal Griffiths, a 39-year-old from Kesgrave, completed the marathon in four hours and 34 minutes. He has raised over £1,300 for The Hayley Bendall Fund with the Children's Cancer and Leukaemia Group.

Connal Griffiths with his marathon medal after the race

Connal Griffiths' family were 'very proud' of his achievement - Credit: Melanie Griffiths

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But not everyone took on the challenge in the capital. 

Georgina Ames-Waller, a 36-year-old mum-of-three based in Horringer, ran the virtual marathon with her friend Ruth Walker, 40, for the NSPCC. 

Their local route took in the Abbey Gardens and the town centre, through to Ickworth Park. 

They completed their route in four hours and 16 minutes - and had a treat at the end to celebrate! 

Georgina Ames-Waller and her friend celebrating with some bubbly

Georgina Ames-Waller and friends celebrate after their marathon achievement - Credit: Georgina Ames-Waller

Another virtual marathon runner was Tim Sparkes, who took a route from Haughley to Felixstowe, passing through Ipswich to make sure Portman Road was one of his landmarks.  

It was his first marathon and he raised more than £1,000 for the Cri Du Chat Syndrome Support Group to help people with this rare condition - like Tim's niece - and their families. 

Tim ran 26.2 miles in five hours and 27 minutes.

Tim Sparkes on his marathon - running through Ipswich

Tim Sparkes ran the marathon virtually, passing the Ipswich Town football ground - Credit: Tim Sparkes

Do you have a marathon achievement to share? Email us with your story and finishing photos

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