Five reasons you should see Rob Brydon live after Ipswich Regent performance

Comedian Rob Brydon performed at the Ipswich Regent. Picture: CONTRIBUTED

Comedian Rob Brydon performed at the Ipswich Regent. Picture: CONTRIBUTED - Credit: Archant

Tonight I had the pleasure of watching Rob Brydon at the Ipswich Regent and I can promise you this, he does not disappoint.

We can’t ignore the fact that he - unknowing to him that I was reviewing until much later - picked on me and my partner in the audience.

He went on to write us a rather accurate song about our toilet habits. It was brilliant, and had the audience in hysterics.

That aside, here are five reasons why you have got to see Rob Brydon live during his tour:

1. He’s hilariously funny. Obviously you assume that he will be, being a comedian, but I find some comics leave you lusting for that belly laugh that ultimately you went for. Not Rob Brydon, though. He had the audience laughing along from his opening, when he was simply searching for the eldest members of the audience.

2. He makes it local. “Ipswich on a Wednesday night, it doesn’t get...well it does actually, doesn’t it?!” A punchline that was followed swiftly by a song about the bright smiling faces of Ipswich (“I mean it’s not Woodbridge, there’s not the money, but then again it’s not Stowmarket, oh what a dump!”) Reliving a trip he’d taken to Stowmarket, he said: “I thought I was in a Channel 4 documentary” before fondly asking the Stowmarket members of the audience to leave (which, of course, they didn’t).

3. He’s not shy when interacting with the audience. “I would rather be with you than the Woodbridge crowd...they’re people who have made something of their lives. They’re a little bit blasé, haven’t we done well. Whereas Ipswich, still so much to prove. This is a room full of people saying ‘next year’,” he said.

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4. He’s just an all round top guy. He spent the first half an hour meeting the guests, including Bruce in the front row who runs a miniature railway, and his wife who makes chocolate, and he spent the entire show checking in on their son, Will.

5. He is great at impressions. His impressions of Sir Bruce Forsyth, Michael Caine, Andy Murray, Elvis and Mick Jagger were brilliant.

We can’t ignore The warm up act Scott Bennett, who only added to the enjoyment on the night. He opened the show affectionately mocking his father, Roy, with his woes with technology and comparing him to a “geriatric Beyoncé” before touching on the joys of marriage and parenthood.

This guy is definitely one to watch. He had us in stitches throughout his set and, exactly as he was meant to, left us ready for the laughter set to come.

Fair enough, Rob thought I had a man’s name, but we’ll let that slide...a fantastic show - an absolute must see, and I can’t wait to see him live again!