Floor-tiling flytipper pays price of dumping solvent and his paperwork in Ipswich car park

The area where the solvent was dumped at Ipswich Village car park

The area where the solvent was dumped at Ipswich Village car park - Credit: Archant

Dumping heavy duty adhesive and carpet tiles in an Ipswich car park while a borough council environmental officer looked on has cost a floor-tiling flytipper £1,400.

The solvent pot at Ipswich village car park

The solvent pot at Ipswich village car park - Credit: Archant

Among the waste Daniel Elliot discarded was paperwork with his name and telephone number on it.

The contractor was convicted of depositing waste without a permit when he appeared before South East Suffolk Magistrates’ Court following a prosecution brought by the council

At around 2.55pm on September 15 the enforcement officer saw a grey VW van with its rear doors open in Ipswich Village Car Park in West End Road, which is also opposite the rear of Ipswich Borough Council’s Grafton House offices.

Elliot’s vehicle was parked with its rear facing the overflow section of the car park just near the entrance.

Shortly after driving into the car park the vehicle was seen going backwards and forwards from the rear of the van. Elliot was observed to empty a bucket of some kind on to the ground at the entrance, before driving away.

On inspection the officer noted a “glue like substance” on the ground and an overpowering smell of solvent.

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There were also some contractor’s job sheets relating to a tiling/flooring company and some carpet tiles.

On the A4 sheets of paper were details of a flooring company, D Elliot Flooring, with a contact name of Daniel and a mobile telephone number.

A tin can was then discovered that contained the same liquid in the foliage to the rear of where the van was parked.

The officer telephoned the mobile number that he found at the site of the flytipping and spoke with a man who said his name was Daniel.

Elliot told the officer: “I would like to be honest, I had just finished work on the day in question and was driving home when one of my tins of glue tipped over in the back of my van.

“I pulled over and stupidly chucked the tin of glue out along with some carpet tiles that I had in my van.

“I am very sorry and have been worried sick ever since”.

The fire service were called out to clear the solvent up.

Elliot, of Lamplighters Close, Waltham Abbey, Essex, did not attend at court.

The case was proven in his absence.

Magistrates fined Elliot £150 and ordered he pay borough council costs for the investigation of £136, as well as £411 costs to the fire service.

He must also pay the council’s legal costs of £689 and £30 to the victims’ fund.

After the case a borough council spokesman said: “We always prosecute when we can. Its is often difficult to collect the necessary evidence but this case was blatant and in the town centre in broad daylight.”