Fly tippers strike again

IT is the nightmare of any environmentalist or cleansing officer.A pristine location spoiled by selfish fly tippers keen to escape the cost of legally dumping household waste.

IT is the nightmare of any environmentalist or cleansing officer.

A pristine location spoiled by selfish fly tippers keen to escape the cost of legally dumping household waste.

This time the unsightly scene was a car park near Levington Creek – a previous fly tipping target which should be an unspoiled piece of countryside close to Ipswich.

Instead of that it has been strewn with old leather boots, car stereos, a set of weighing scales and even a baby's bottle.

Fly tippers used the car park off Strattonhall Drift at Levington to get rid of unwanted bricks, cardboard boxes and other items ranging from used paintbrushes to drink bottles and cigarette packets.

Suffolk Coastal District Council has threatened to prosecute fly tippers if evidence found at sites it owns leads to the offenders.

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It has also called residents into the fight against the illegal dumpers.

A spokesman for the council said: "This is caused by people being completely selfish.

"Suffolk Coastal spends around £600,000 a year cleaning up the district and it is encouraging residents to report any fly tipping that they see.

"It would be very helpful if people do see people dumping items if they could take note of the registration number of the car or van and we will investigate and prosecute if we have the evidence. We have done in the past and we will do in the future."

It is not known when the rubbish was dumped at the Levington car park and there are few clues to the identity of the fly tippers.

An investigation by the Evening Star traced some of the items to an Ipswich burglary victim whose personal effects had been discarded in the car park, possibly by the thieves who broke into his house, took his car keys and escaped with his car.

Business cards and an AA roadside assistance card were among his belongings found in the car park.

The owner of the goods, who requested not to be named because his house had only recently been targeted by the thieves, said he was appalled his belongings had been dumped at the spot.

The Evening Star contacted Ipswich Police with the information in the hope it could provide a clue to the identity of the burglar.

Suffolk Coastal District Council is urging residents to use the refuse sites it provides to dispose of waste.

The council spokesman said: "We're encouraging residents to make use of the household waste sites at Felixstowe, Foxhall and Leiston and to dispose of rubbish correctly or to ring our special collection service."

The Star's own Dump the Dumpers campaign is calling on the public to be vigilant against fly tippers.

Anyone with information about illegal dumping in the Suffolk Coastal area can call 01394 444 000.

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