Football fans' burger van anger

MEET me at Sir….. Burger Van?!

MEET me at Sir….. Burger Van?!

Alf Ramsey's effigy usually gazes proudly down Portman Road, watching loyal fans approach the ground he once presided over.

But his view was somewhat obscured on Tuesday evening - by a fast food van.

The seven foot bronze statue has become something of an attraction for travelling supporters, but Barnsley fans would have been lucky to catch a glimpse of the Town legend's fringe.

The site of the statue, on the corner of the street named after Sir Alf and Portman Road, has inspired the phrase Meet Me at Sir Alf, which later become the name of a Blues fanzine.

The lifelike figure was created by Town fan Sean Hedges-Quinn and unveiled in August 2000 at the corner of the North and Cobbold Stand.

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Phil Ham, Evening Star columnist and editor of the Ipswich fanzine Those Were the Days, was at the game on Tuesday.

He said: “It's a bit of an insult to put the thing right up against him.

“According to a message board poster, the guy in the van was given quite a hard time by fans.

“He said his usual spot was blocked which was why he placed it where he did. I would guess he won't be doing it again!”

Matt Osborne, co-presenter of the Ipswich Town fan cast, added: “Why an earth would such a legendary figure of the club be allowed to be hidden away from view.

“This was also shared by many other fans who were all appalled to see Sir Alf facing in front of a burger van tucked away from view.”

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