Football thug found guilty of attack

A FOOTBALL thug is awaiting sentencing after raining punches down on a cowering Ipswich fan while he was protecting a young child.


A FOOTBALL thug is awaiting sentencing after raining punches down on a cowering Ipswich fan while he was protecting a young child.

Barry Green was convicted of intending to cause fear of, or to produce, violence after pleading not guilty to the attack at Ipswich railway station on May 18.

The incident occurred after Ipswich had been beaten 2-0 by West Ham to knock them out of the Championship play-offs.

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Prosecutor Helen Booth told South East Suffolk magistrates court that Green, a Hammers season ticket holder, was among almost 4,000 fans who descended upon the railway station at around 10pm.

She said police were alerted to a fight on platform two involving the 37-year-old, who was seen repeatedly hitting an Ipswich supporter.

Prosecution witness Sergeant Paul Thompson of the British Transport police told the court many of the adults there were with children.

He said he saw a fight about five metres away from him, in which one of the men was cowering down trying to protect himself, while the other man, Green, hit him several times on the head.

Sgt Thompson said: “He (the victim) was holding his arm around a young child. He was holding him out of the way. He had his left arm cupped around him and was cowering down. His right arm was protecting his head.”

Sgt Thompson told magistrates he screamed at Green to stop hitting the man, but he did not until the officer jabbed him with his baton.

Green, a London black cab driver, was then arrested. Sgt Thompson said in his opinion Green was drunk, as he smelled heavily of intoxicating liquor and appeared dishevelled.

Detective chief inspector Louisa Pepper, who was bronze commander for Suffolk police on the night, told magistrates she was about she also saw Green punching the Ipswich supporter.

DCI Pepper said: Sgt Thompson shouted 'stop fighting'. It appeared Mr Green took absolutely no notice.”

Another witness, Inspector Bob Munn of British Transport police, confirmed he saw Green attack the man and said his arrest sparked more trouble.

He said: “The West Ham fans were very agitated and angry and were making a determined effort to get to the man being arrested.

“I drew my baton and, with the assistance of police dogs and other officers managed to keep them on the train. In 24 years policing, only on three occasions have I had the cause to take dogs on to a train.”

Giving evidence, Green argued he acted in self defence and had thrown only one punch after the man attacked him.

He said he had been left with a black eye, split lip, bruising to his head, back and arm. However, there were no photographs to support his injuries.

After finding him guilty, magistrates heard Green has two previous offences of affray committed in 1988 and 1991, but these are not football related. He was released on unconditional bail until sentencing on December 13.