Self-help book from ex-marketing chief recommends 'taking charge of mornings'

Toby Oliver holding up two copies of his book, Rise and Shine

Rise and Shine, written by Toby and his sister Kate, aims to teach readers how to make mornings count - Credit: Toby Oliver

A former marketing chief turned meditation teacher hopes his new book will help people start afresh by changing the way they start their day.

Toby Oliver wrote self-help book Rise and Shine with his sister Kate, who is an occupational psychologist. 

Published in December, the book is already being reprinted to meet demand. 

Speaking about the message - how to transform your life, morning by morning - Mr Oliver said: "It's simple, the way you start your morning matters - it sets the tone for the rest of your day, shaping your mood, focus and productivity. 

"The way you start your day is the way your day is going to be. Ask you yourself, 'do I rise and shine or do I rise and whine?' 

"And, if you do 'rise and whine' or moan or worry then know that with a few simple changes to your mornings you can bring the shine back." 

Rise and Shine was chosen by Psychologies Magazine as one of its top three inspiring reads and was written to help as many people as possible improve their lives "by taking charge of mornings". 

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Mr Oliver continued: "The reason Kate and I decided to write Rise and Shine was to share the tools and techniques that had helped us and many of our clients to change our lives for the better. 

"The benefits can be remarkable - enhanced wellbeing, more satisfaction, increased productivity and less anxiety, to name just a few. 

"My work one-on-one or with small groups of clients is really important and rewarding, but obviously limits how many people can benefit. I hope that through Rise and Shine we can reach many thousands more. 

"You don't need lots of time or loads of money to enjoy the benefits. This was essential to us - that everyone could easily create the right routine that works for them and their individual circumstances. 

"Because now, more than ever, given the current challenges we're facing, we need ways to help us feel calmer, clearer and better able to cope." 

Beginning his career in marketing at the Mercury Theatre in Colchester, Mr Oliver has also worked at Ipswich Borough Council and the Theatre Royal Bury St Edmunds.