Foul-mouthed but funny

IF Kevin 'Bloody' Wilson is good at one thing it's swearing.The truth though is that he's good at more than one thing.

Kevin 'Bloody' Wilson

Spa Pavilion, Felixstowe

Sunday night

IF Kevin 'Bloody' Wilson is good at one thing it's swearing.

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The truth though is that he's good at more than one thing. While swearing is his special talent, he's also pretty professional at getting a crowd on his side and keeping them happy throughout his show.

He's also pretty decent at making people like him.

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I went into this show expecting it to be crass and crude and a bit too-reliant on expletives to actually be funny.

But Wilson, a beer-bellied foul-mouthed politically incorrect and plain speaking West Australian, has been in this business a long time and if he had just been offending people all the time he wouldn't have lasted with such popularity.

The fact is you can't help but like this larrikin Australian. He's warm and funny and has a talent for song writing, even if he chooses to write songs filled with swearwords.

There's little of this show which can actually be repeated - even the full name of Wilson's daughter Jenny who plays his support act would be classed as an expletive - but rest assured it was filled with songs which would be better suited to the workers' shed at an outback gold mine than the Conservative club in Kensington.

Wilson played to a packed house at Felixstowe and the audience was filled with loyal long-time supporters. Many knew the words to his songs and happily joined in.

If they had been uttering such profanities out in the street they'd likely have been arrested, maybe that's why they had such a good time screaming them as one indoors.


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