Four year term for man involved in Ipswich robberies

Wherstead Road

Wherstead Road - Credit: Archant

An Ipswich man who was involved in two robberies within twenty minutes of each other on the same night has been jailed for four years and four months.

Alexander Buckle was part of a group of males that attacked a man in a car park in Bell Close, Ipswich and shortly afterwards he had attacked and robbed another man in Wherstead Road, Ipswich Crown Court heard.

Buckle, 25, of London Road, Ipswich admitted robbing Scott Miller and Scott O’Brien in separate incidents on September 9.

Catherine Bradshaw, prosecuting, said Mr Miller and a friend were crossing a car park in Bell Close at around 9pm when they were approached by a group of men.

The men were acting aggressively and had a spirit bottle.

Mr Miller and his friend ran back towards Mr Miller’s flat but while his friend managed to get into a communal area of the flats Mr Miller was surrounded by the group at the bottom of a staircase.

He was then struck on the head with the spirit bottle by one of the men and fell to the ground and was then threatened with the broken end of the bottle by another member of the group.

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“The broken bottle was held to his throat and he was asked what he had in his pockets,” said Miss Bradshaw.

Mr Miller’s pockets were searched and his iPhone, which was worth £200 was stolen from him.

Twenty minutes later Scott O’Brien was walking along Wherstead Road when Buckle beckoned him over and asked him to call a taxi for him.

Buckle had then butted him on the forehead and forced Mr O’Brien to go to an unlit area away from the road where he ordered him to empty his pockets, said Miss Bradshaw.

Mr O’Brien handed over some cash and was then punched to the right side of his head by Buckle who then threatened to “shank” him which Mr O’Brien took to mean he would stab him.

Fearing Buckle had a knife Mr O’Brien decided to make a run for it, said Miss Bradshaw.

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