Cyclists' and walkers' cafe plan withdrawn after traffic safety fears

Foxhall Hall is a stunning property with 12 acres of land Picture: Rufus Owen/Oliver Johnson

The new cafe would have been created in the former farm buildings at Foxhall Hall - the old barns, piggery, stables and milking parlour can be seen here to the north of the hall - Credit: RUFUS OWEN/OLIVER JOHNSON

Plans to create a new cafe aimed at cyclists, runners and walkers have been withdrawn after objections over traffic safety.

The cafe was part of a plan for the conversion of former farm buildings at Foxhall Hall into a new home for Suffolk Orthodontics, which would relocate from its existing site in Bell Lane, Kesgrave, where it has been for 19 years.

Along with the cafe with kitchen, there would also be a toilets and a small conference/meeting room available for hire by local groups and businesses.

A design statement submitted on behalf of applicant Ian Davies said the contemporary café in the former milking parlour would primarily be aimed at local cyclists, runners and walkers together with those who visit Suffolk Orthodontics. 

Its ethos would be to promote a sustainable healthy lifestyle, combining healthy eating and exercise, and offering rewards and loyalty bonuses for those that have arrived on two wheels. 

However, Foxhall Parish Council objected to the plan, saying: "We believe that Hall Road is unsuitable for the additional regular traffic that this development will generate.

"This is a remote location which will be principally accessed by motor vehicles along a single-track road."

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Suffolk Highways said there was an "unacceptable risk" to highway safety as the  Foxhall Road / Hall Road junction has seen a number accidents -  four incidents in the past five years, with two of them being serious.

East Suffolk Council said the application had now been withdrawn.

In its place, a new application has been submitted scaling down the proposed usage of the buildings at Foxhall Hall. The main use as an orthodontics centre remains but the cafe, kitchen and meeting room plans have been removed.

The milking parlour is now to be converted to an auxiliary patient waiting area and facilities ancillary to the orthodontics practice.

However, Suffolk Highways is still objecting and says its road safety concerns remain, as is the parish council.

The district council has yet to make a final decision.

Suffolk Orthodontics has around 16,000 patients a year. Documents submitted to the council say 60 cars a day visit the current site and it is likely to be around the same number at the new premises.